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Poyee Oster

Poyee Oster

Poyee Oster has always been a seeker who enjoys challenges. A runner for more than 15 years, she completed over 10 marathons including Boston and many other races. Poyee loves the challenge and discipline required in running. Five years ago, her running buddies introduced her to yoga. Over time, Poyee discovered the secret of yoga. It calms the mind and brings focus and strength to the spirit. Poyee deepened her practice by completing the 200-hour certification with Richard Lanza and Open Doors Power Yoga Studios in 2015. Her style of yoga is a combination of restorative and empowering, the Yin and Yang of yoga. Poyee found that yoga is a path to happiness, and she is eager to share her passion with others.

Karen Matte

Karen Matte

Karen’s passion and love for yoga started 15 years ago and she has been teaching since 2008. Karen’s mission is to help others create their own spiritual experience through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Karen is a certified Hatha yoga instructor. In 2008, Karen completed her 200 hour level training at Finding Inner Peace with Cathy Mann, a certified Iyengar instructor. In May 2013, she completed Level 1 (200 hour) training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, training under Guruatma Khalsa.

Karen is a member of Yoga Alliance and the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association. Karen has taught many styles of yoga to include a Vinyasa flow, a pilates inspired yoga, a gentle yoga for seniors, and Kundalini Yoga.

Karen enjoys teaching an energetic Vinyasa flow class while emphasizing on breath awareness and alignment. Her class will challenge your physical body and uplift your spirit. You will leave feeling empowered, energized but relaxed. Practicing yoga can give you the strength, courage and radiance to meet all of life’s daily challenges with grace.

Kirby Anderson-Duguay

Kirby Anderson-Duguay, RYT 200 has been practicing yoga for about 14 years. She started when she was 17 years old and has been hooked since. When Kirby was 18 years old she became a member of the United States Shotgun Team. Over the next 4 years she traveled to numerous countries competing and medaling in World Championships and World Cups. She even tried out for the 2004 Olympics held in Athens, Greece, in which she placed 4th in the tryouts. She tells you this with the confidence that yoga and meditation played a key role in her success as an Olympic level Athlete. Mediation is what has allowed her to keep her head on straight and stay focused through many of competition and life’s most difficult times. The asanas, or poses that are linked together through breath has become one of her main priorities throughout each week in her own fitness routine. Linking breath to movement is an incredibly powerful tool in bringing calmness and peace in at any moment. She believes that we each have this built in ability to free ourselves from stress and tension and instead fulfill our hearts with peace and gratitude. She looks forward to helping you find physical fitness, emotional strength, and above all, mental clarity.

Kimberly Hunt

Kim first began her Journey with Yoga in 2000. After trying various classes she was introduced to the Baptiste Power Flow by “Yoga Jane”. She fell in love with the Baptiste
Flow and was inspired by Jane’s teaching. While healing from a back injury and working with a physical therapist she realized that the stronger her core was, and the more she stretched her warm muscles the more she became stronger and her back was healing with no surgery. She learned it doesn’t matter what shape you are in or what age you are Every“body” can benefit from yoga and meditation. She wanted to become a teacher so she could share her love of Yoga and share with her students that they can start today, right where they are in this moment, and to love themselves in the process. She is a 200hr RYT graduate of Believe You Can 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training School under Jane Viscolosi and is a Certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. She teaches a Power Yoga Flow. When she is not on her mat or busy with the 9-5 corporate world she loves spend time with her family, nieces and nephews and friends. The ocean is one of her favorite places to be and paddle boarding and Sup yoga has become a new favorite pastime.

Kimberly Loftus

Kimberly Loftus

Kimberly discovered yoga in 2005 and was immediately drawn to the way it de-stresses in a fast-paced, demanding world. Once she rolled out her mat, she was hooked; not only on discovering the physical benefits of the practice but realizing yoga is an opportunity to work on her relationship with herself. A recent graduate of the 200 hour teacher training at Raffa Yoga in Cranston, RI, Kimberly teaches a flowing style focused on increasing flexibility, de-stressing, and getting fit.

Christina Geruso

Christina began her journey with yoga in 2001 doing power yoga. While overcoming injuries she also came to appreciate Yin and Restorative styles and started a regular practice. Christina has a passion for helping people with everyday aches, pains and injuries reach a better place within their bodies and heal themselves through yoga. Christina is a registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-level (RYT 200) through the Yoga Alliance. Christina has a passion for nature, cooking and spending time with her family and dog. When she is not teaching vinyasa flow classes you can find her working with Shri Service Corp teaching yoga in schools and hospitals throughout the state.

Rachael Frazier

Rachael Frazier is a RYT 200 graduate of the State of Grace Wellness Yoga Teacher Training Program. Her love of yoga began many years ago during college and she was recently called back to the mat for health reasons. Through this journey she found that yoga, while centering and balancing, is also a path to overall health & wellness of the mind & body and she’s excited to share this with others in her community.

Katie Twist Rowlinson

Katie Twist Rowlinson

Katie first began practicing yoga in 2001 when she stumbled into a Hatha class during college. After studying both Hatha and Iyengar styles, Katie found, and fell in love with, the Baptiste Power Flow. Yoga and meditation bring calm, clarity, peace and equanimity into Katie’s otherwise hectic life juggling Corporate America with raising two wonderfully energetic young boys. Katie completed the 200-hour teacher training program at Raffa Yoga in January 2013 and is so excited to share her love of yoga with others. When Katie isn’t at work, or on her mat, you can find her building Lego sculptures with her boys, planting in her garden, playing at the beach, or whipping up healthy treats in the kitchen.